Registration Info

Registration Info

Please email the tutor/tutors of the class/classes you are interested in.  Our 2018-2019 Schedule has the name of the class with the tutor’s name below it.  Email them with the following information:

    • Child’s name
    • Child’s grade
    • Name of class, day/time,
    • Your name
    • Email address
    • Phone number

They will let you know if there is still a spot in the class.


Registration day has passed, however it is possible to still register your student by appointment.   Your tutor will send you the information needed to schedule a time to meet with our coordinator.  At the meeting you will complete your registration paperwork and choose your payment options.

The cost of late registration is $65 for the 1st child,  $50 for the second child,  $40 for the third child and with a family maximum of $155.

Also at that time you will make arrangements for paying the Class Fees in installments of 2 or 4 payments. 1st payment deposit and cut off for withdrawal is July 1st. Details will be found on the registration form you will receive in your registration packet from the tutor.

You need to print the 4 forms (Registration form, Medical Release, and Statements & Policies (also found HERE) and Tutor Payment Worksheet) and bring them with you to the registration appointment.

Thank you for your interest in The Cordova Tutorial,

Megan Powell & Kathy Ethridge,  Administrators