Pre-calculus/ACT math

Pre-calculus/ACT math

Pre-requisites to this course include Geometry and Algebra 2. This course is designed to give an introduction to basic pre-calculus topics with integrated ACT practice over 30 weeks in an hour and a half session. Many high school students have a gap in what they have learned through Algebra 2 and what is assessed on the ACT. This course fills in that gap. Students will be introduced to advanced functions, trigonometry, analytic geometry and basic calculus concepts. Students will also learn how to use their graphing calculator to help them solve ACT problems faster and more efficiently. The course will be structured with tutor-made videos weekly and practice problems done through In-class time will be spent reinforcing the video lessons and being exposed to ACT practice. Students will need to come to class having viewed the lesson and completed their online assignments in order to stay on track.

Curriculum: Pre-calculus Demystified, Second Edition

Link for the textbook:

 Note: “A graphing calculator is needed for this class. Students need to have a Ti-83, Ti-84, Ti-83 plus or Ti-84 plus. Students will receive instruction on calculator usage and helpful ACT hints and tricks with the calculator.”

Tuesday  will be offered every other year starting in 2020/2021
Time: 2:35 – 4:05
Grades: 11/12
Class Fee: $400 (Bonus: 4 Thursday Math Labs included )
Books and supply fee: $80*
TutorLindsay Lamport

*Supply fees include a one year subscription to an online immersive math program ( that provides a platform for comprehensive math studies and real time observations of the student’s progress.