Teresa Pegrim

Teresa Pegrim has been teaching for over 10 years, both her own children and outside classes.  She has taught classes with Classical Conversations program and The Cordova Tutorial. She is particulary gifted in teaching younger children.  “Teaching younger children is a joy for me.  I believe that God has given me the ability to reach them on their level and make learning fun!  Children are a gift from God and I hope that I am able to impact their lives by teaching them Science or Geography from a Biblical perspective.  When I worked with 4 and 5 year olds in Classical Conversations, I was absolutely astounded at how much their brain could absorb.  It lit a fire in my heart to challenge them to learn more than what the average child could learn.  I adore their sweet spirits, funny personalities, and most of all their love to learn.”

Teresa is also the Assistant Administrator at The Cordova Tutorial


Teresa’s Classes:

“My Body” Science
Skipping Through The States Geography
Snap Crackle Pop Science