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Classes resume January 9th, 10th and 11th

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Just click on a tab above (Primary, Elementary, Middle School etc.) and you will be taken to a page with all the offerings for that age group. (Think of it as a department store and enjoy browsing through the sections.) When you find something you want, click the tutor link and you will find the contact information for that tutor.

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We have you covered!! When you hover over the tab for Elementary or High School classes you will see a drop down list of our offerings. Choose one and you will be taken to its dedicated page. Primary and Middle School do not have the drop down option yet, but with fewer classes they are easy to navigate.


 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Schedule 

The Cordova Tutorial is pleased to provide Tuesday and Thursday classes at Trinity Baptist Church, 8899 Trinity Road.  Wednesday classes are held at Advent Presbyterian Church, 1879 N. Germantown Parkway . 


We will not be offering math classes this year. TCT administrators have found that it is very difficult to cover math well in one class a week. If we can figure out a way to offer multiple-day math classes in the future we will do so. We do have several math tutors available to assist you, if you are interested.  In addition, we are looking into online curricula that work well for homeschoolers. We hope to have a Math Page with all the resources posted soon.

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