Águilas 1 “Eagles” Beginner Spanish

Águilas 1 (“Eagles” Beginner Spanish)

In this 30-week class, we will explore Spanish in a fun, hands-on way, using conversation, games, music, food, and books. We will be “Exploradores” (Explorers) who visit Spanish-speaking countries, sample their foods, listen to their music, and celebrate some of their festivals and holidays. Guest speakers will share why Spanish is important to them and how they use it. The class goal is for students to know basic daily vocabulary, be able to carry on brief conversations in Spanish and be enthusiastic about further language learning. Take-homes will help parents and siblings to join in learning Spanish and having conversations together! This class focuses on both spoken and written Spanish. (Previously class title was Elementary Spanish 3rd-6th.)

Wednesday 10:45-12:15
Grades: 3-6
Class Fee: $295
Supply fee: $70
Tutor: Wendi Sisson