Life Science

Life Science – Answers in Genesis 
The World of Plants & The World of Animals 

In this 30 week 1 ½ hour class your child will explore every facet of the plant and animal kingdoms. From cuddly mammals and slimy frogs, to jellyfish and bacteria, your child will discover how God created each animal to be unique. The mysteries will also be revealed regarding how God specially designed the plants around us to provide, protect, and delight us. See God’s hand as you study seeds, leaves and flowers. This class will help your child explore the wonder and diversity of the animal kingdom along with the beauty and uniqueness of plant life like meat-eating plants, fungi, algae, and more. They cannot help but delight in the intricacy of the world of plants and animals when they complete this class.

God’s Design textbooks teach science from a biblical, creationist perspective, emphasizing God’s handiwork in the world around us. Each class will consist of lecture, and hands-on activities and projects. God’s Design books contain special feature articles that examine the lives of scientists throughout history who have contributed to the subject. Other articles contain fun facts. Finally, each book has a unit project that ties all of the lessons together and reinforces what the student has learned. Good science couldn’t be more fun!
You will need to purchase:

“God’s Design for Life” Texts
1) The World of Plants
2) The World of Animals

TUESDAY 10:45 – 12:15    —ONE SPOT LEFT
Grades: 4-6
Class Fee: $295
Supply Fee: $90
Tutor: Kelly Fernandez