Wendi Sisson

Wendi Sisson has Bachelor’s Degrees in Spanish (B.A.) and in Computer Science (B.S.). She lived in Venezuela and traveled in Mexico and Spain while studying Spanish. She has 5+ years experience teaching and tutoring Spanish to children ages 2-18, worked with youth at her church for 13 years when her husband was youth minister, and is homeschooling one of her 4 (soon to be 5) children. She was a senior systems programmer at FedEx for 7 years and later ran a nationally recognized sales business for 3 years, working almost exclusively with Spanish-speaking customers and training Spanish-speaking salespeople.

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Wendi’s Classes:

Spanish A, Tigres (“Tigers” Beginner Spanish, year A)

Spanish 1/2/3 Águilas (“Eagles” Beginner & Intermediate Spanish)

Computer Programing 4-8