Rená Gammon

I am Rena (Renee) Gammon. I have been homeschooling my children for 11 years. Throughout that time I have been involved in various co-ops and tutorials, as well as co-leading the Collierville Homeschool Group. You may also know me from MHEA’s kindergarten graduation which I coordinated for many years. I have taught kindergarten through third grade classes at TCT for the last 3 years and helped out when needed for several years before that. I feel very blessed for the opportunity to teach here because I enjoy both learning with and teaching kids this age. It never fails that I learn as much as I teach. I teach a variety of subjects here at TCT, but no matter what subject I’m teaching, my goal is to reach all learning styles and teach in a way that the kids will love and remember what they learn. I look forward to sharing this experience with your kids!

Rena’s Classes:

Zany Zoology

Taking America by the Tale

Magic Treehouse History

Playing with Purpose