Rebekah Yeaton

I am married with two sons, Nate (17) and Michael (13). Nate graduates from Houston High School this year, and Michael is in the 7th grade at TCT. I hold a Bachelor of Accountacy degree with a minor in English from the University of Mississippi and a Master of Science in Accounting from the University of Memphis. Before pursuing a second career as an accountant/tax auditor, I was an elementary school teacher in Jacksonville, NC. I have also been a substitute teacher in all age groups. I currently work from home as a tax planner and preparer as well as a writing consultant.

I enjoy reading, writing, gardening, painting, and most especially family time. I also adore all types of animals. We have three of the most spoiled dogs on the earth. I am ready to get back into the classroom and can’t wait to meet all of you and your children. I believe a child’s mind is ripe for the picking. They have unlimited potential, and as a tutor I will help your child explore ideas and gifts they may not even know they have. I believe education should be immersive, and much more than memorization and the regurgitation of facts. I seek to ensure, while in my classroom, they are employing all of the skills and information they have, to create an enjoyable and empowering lesson.

Rebekah’s Classes:

The World Wars History Class

Middle School Language Arts

Creative Writing

Charts, Tables, & Graphs, Oh My! Data Assessment and Interpretation