Lindsay Lamport

Lindsay Lamport has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Sciences and a Master’s degree in Education. She has 10+ years of teaching experience through public and private schools. She has taught a wide range of math subjects from 6 – 12, including AP courses. She has done extensive private tutoring, particularly with homeschool students. Her video lessons have assisted her students in learning material outside of the classroom, leaving hands-on time available in the class.

This tutor is married to a youth minister/civil engineer, and she is actively involved in his ministry. They also have a 5-year old who brings so much joy to their lives. “Being a mom opens your eyes to God’s love for his children and a deeper understanding of his desire for a personal relationship.”

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Lindsay’s Classes:

Middle School Math 

Elementary Math and Games


Algebra 1

Algebra 2


Pre-calculus/ACT math


Math Drill Thrill!