Michelle Scheri

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Intervention and was a caseworker for 12 years.  I have worked in residential care, foster care and adoption.  I am a former foster parent, and have adopted two children out of that journey.  I am so excited to have again found a niche that I love.  Teaching.  It shouldn’t be any surprise, I taught daycare, and Sunday School for young children for years, and loved my “littles”.  Then I taught peers, parents, and other professionals during my casework journey and admittedly it was one of the many highlights.  I love to see that “ah hah” moment when something clicks for the learner and it all starts to make sense.  So, thanks to a pandemic called COVID-19, I was given the opportunity to home school my children.  This led to our involvement with The Cordova Tutorial and my running study hall and substitute teaching when needed.  And I found my new passion.  I am so excited to be a part of this incredible team, to serve you and be a part of educating your beautiful children, and to see what this new adventure holds for us all.


Michelle’s Classes:

American History


Mini S.T.E.M.

Fun with Phonics

Early Grammar Basics

S. T. E. M.