Megan Powell

Megan Powell, Co Founder of The Cordova Tutorial, has taught home-school enhancement classes in many subjects including Biology, Chem/Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Cooking, Art and more for over 18 years. She home-schooled one or more of her three kids for over 15 years.  Her previous experience as a RN, with extensive nursing experience in, Trama, OBGYN, Labor and delivery, and GYN Research has helped her in her deep love for the sciences.

Megan’s Classes:

Fun Intro to Chemistry and Physics

Biology with Lab

Chefs in Action A

Human Anatomy and Physiology (Exploring Creation) 5-8


Phonics of Art I, II, III, IV (Wednesday)

General Science, Science in the Atomic Age

Yearbook / Newsletter Staff TCT