Jan Sawyer

Jan Sawyer is a homeschool mother and commercial pilot. She spent approximately 8000 hours in the air flying single and twin-engine aircraft and as many hours on the ground teaching powered flight instruction. Her focus was in the human factors of decision making to enhance safe flight.  Some of her students went on to become airline pilots, military pilots and business owners flying for business.  One flies the Presidential transportation worldwide, and one flies Fred Smith, CEO of Fed-Ex in the corporate department.  After having children, Jan transitioned to teaching the human factors of decision making to lawyers in trial and is currently a litigation consultant. She is trained in mediation and negotiations and speaks nationally on subjects pertaining to how to develop trial material for best teaching practices. She incorporates aviation concepts into those seminars.  

She loves teaching concepts rote through understanding and correlation so that students can apply broad concepts to many other uses.  She counts her flight instruction days as the richest, most valuable efforts in inspiring flight in young people.  She especially enjoyed a “Kids Fly!” summer program she taught to advance enthusiastic fliers in the summer.  

Jan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology with a focus in abnormal psychology, holds the Federal Aviation Administration Commercial Pilot Certification since 1997, the Single and Multi-Engine Flight Instructor ratings with high altitude certification, and was designated an Excellent Instructor by the Federal Aviation Administration.  She also is a trained mediator and negotiator under Rule 31 in the State of Tennessee Alternative Dispute Resolution (delisted).  

She and her husband, Rob live in Collierville.  They have been homeschooling their two children, Ellie and Nolan since kindergarten.  Nolan and Ellie are now in 7th and 8th grade, having been joyfully educated at Cordova Tutorial for five years.  


Jan’s Classes:

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