Candace Fortino

I am rarely bored, passionate about education, and look for humor in all things.  I love to read, garden, and research anything even remotely interesting. This is definitely reflected in my teaching style.  I have a Master’s of Education in Counseling and Human Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy with a minor in Psychology.  I have taught psychology at the University level, worked with the criminally insane, and can have a meaningful conversation with just about anyone.  I am also a certified personal trainer and have multiple professional certifications in different areas of group fitness. I am a native Texan, but I’m blooming in Mississippi and loving every minute of it.  I have 4 rowdy kids, a wonderful husband, 12 chickens, 2 cats, 2 dogs and I am so excited to be a part of the Cordova Tutorial.


British Literature

Personal Training, Health Sciences and Myology

Logical Thinking

Learning Logic through Games


Earth Science and Geology

Ecology and Conservation 

Basics of Grammar

Mythology Norse & Egyptian

Listless to Lively Physical Education

**Yoga / Pilates  Adults only