Calli Smith

Calli Smith is excited to be joining The Cordova Tutorial team this year. She is the wife to Andrew Smith and mother to four sweet little ones, Caleb, Ruby, Abi Claire, and Evelyn. Calli is currently beginning her homeschool journey teaching her two oldest children and loving the opportunities homeschooling provides for their family.

Calli has had a love for teaching since she was in grade school as a little girl. Teaching has always been something she felt called to no matter what city the Lord placed her in. She has taught fine art classes for years in various churches including music lessons, children’s choirs, dance, and now photography. She began her photography business when she was finishing college at Union University. She has owned her own photography business now for 10 years, and cannot be more excited to share her experiences with students looking to increase their photography skills. Calli has photographed everywhere from family portraits on the beach in Florida to a wedding on the top of a mountain in Alaska. It is a true joy to capture the beauty of God’s creation, especially his people. She cannot wait to encourage the students in learning how to capture this beauty God has created on camera and preserve it for years to come.