Taking America By the Tale

History, especially American history is NOT boring! It’s not all about dates. It’s about the real people, living in the real time period. It’s about the how and the where and the why of what our ancestors did to shape the world we see now! Using living history books, history will become alive and personal for kids rather than a series of facts and dates they cannot relate to. History should pique their curiosity, spark their imaginations, and create a sense of adventure about what came before them and how it has shaped their world! Placing ourselves in the time period we are learning about helps us understand what it was like to live, work, eat and play during that period. By reading about other children and people “living” the history, the history will matter to them.

Who was here before America was “discovered”? Did Christopher Columbus really “discover” America? What was life like on the Mayflower? Why and how did we become an independent nation? How were wounds treated in the Civil War? Who “woke the sleeping giant,” and how’d that work out for them? When did we “choose to go to the moon,” and why? From the Erie Canal to wagon trains, transcontinental railroads, and powered flight, how did America build it’s amazing infrastructure? These are all things we’ll be finding about this year!

This class will involve the students and won’t be a passive, sit-and-listen type of experience so bring me your most curious, wiggly, and talkative children and let’s learn some history! Easy, fun homework assignments will have them placing themselves in the time period and having fun doing it. We’ll try some Native American art, follow early explorers footsteps, figure out what to bring on our voyage to America, and make time period toys. Maybe we can figure out how to avoid Civil War. Space flight? Yep, we’re gonna check that out too. Along the way we’re going to think about what it would be like to live without electricity, medicine, and *gasp* the internet! Every time period of American History from creation to today will be covered, the good, the bad, the sad, the astounding.

Class Homework requirements: 2-4 homework sheets will help bring history home for both kids and parents.

Time: 10:45-12:15
Grade: K-3
Cost: $350
Supply Fee: $75
Tutor: Rena’ Gammon