Zany Zoology

Bring your wild child for a walk on the wild side! Does your child love animals? Most do! Animals were created with features specifically designed for their niches in the world. Bird wings, cow stomachs, monkey tails, fish gills and even marsupial pouches were all designed for a specific purpose. We will learn about creatures great and small, mini microscopics to big blue whales; we will cover all types of animal classifications.

From the ocean depths to the driest deserts, we will explore adaptations and habitats from all over the world. Just as animals’ features are specially designed to suit them, their habitats are  specific to them. Imagine a polar bear in the desert or a red tail hawk in Antarctica. They would not survive. Why do bats have big ears? Are lemurs’ eyes just cute or do they serve a purpose? How do humans effect animal habitats? We will find out the answers to these and many other questions the children have together.

Aquatic and land mammals, vertebrates and invertebrates, birds and fish, amphibians, reptiles, arthropods, and simple organisms (oh my!) will all be covered throughout the year. Ecosystems which will be explored will include grasslands, forests, rainforests (including a picnic of rainforest foods), oceans, fresh water, tundra, caves (caves are so cool, y’all!). Hibernation, migration, defenses, and adaptations will also be covered. Whenever possible we will have live visits from the creatures we are investigating and will explore concepts hands in as much as we can. Virtual field trips will help us learn and we will even go outside for some onsite explorations.

Class Homework requirements: 2-4 sheets of homework each week just to keep you in the learning loop with us.

Time: 9:00-10:30
Grade: K-3
Cost: $350
Supply Fee: $75
Tutor: Rena’ Gammon