Number Ninjas

This course is designed for early elementary school students as a supplement to the math curriculum being used at home. With an emphasis on flexibility with numbers, this course will provide the opportunity for your child to understand how our number system operates and how numbers relate to one another.  Learning will be active, utilizing a variety of manipulatives, games, and activities to reinforce weekly topics. Additionally, students will learn a variety of strategies that will help improve mental math skills. Use of manipulatives in a multi-sensory approach to learning math enhances memory as it engages the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning pathways.

Primary concentration will be on number sense, flexible counting, addition and subtraction facts, and place value.  Throughout the year, students will gain experience with telling time, measuring and comparison (length, mass, and volume), 2-dimensional shapes, fractions, patterns, and money with experiential units on each of these topics.

Number Ninjas is a 30-week class that meets for 90 minutes a week.  This class is perfect for the student who already loves math and wants to engage with numbers more actively as well as the more reluctant student who needs the encouragement that math can be fun.  The lessons, activities, and games in Number Ninjas should support your homeschool math curriculum as your students gain confidence and flexibility in their thinking and use of numbers.

Supply and Technology Fee includes in class use of manipulatives and a one-year subscription to IXL ( Manipulatives will be supplied in sufficient number for all students to remain actively learning throughout the class. Some of the materials used for this class include Cuisenaire Rods, Base Ten Blocks, Rekenrek, and Ten Frames.

Class Homework Requirements: None for this class. However, each student should be completing a separate math curriculum that is approved by the family’s umbrella school. Practice of skills outside of class is optional.  Suggested topics to review on IXL, a personalized learning website, will be provided weekly.

Time: 10:45-12:15
Grades: K-3
Class Fee: $350
Supply and Technology fee: $100
Tutor: Jan Schulte