Little Thinkers Science

Using the educator-created curriculum Little Science Thinkers, this 30 week, one-and-one-half hour class uses a fun, hands-on approach to introduce your young learner to a variety of general science topics.

Utilizing the Scientific Method as our guide, we will put on our thinking caps and delve into the following subjects: we will explore our five senses (complete with a yummy tasting lab!), learn all about the seasons and different types of weather, take a look into outer space, discover more about force and motion, investigate the properties of matter, build our knowledge of plants and animals, and so much more!  Throughout the school year, seasonal and holiday themed experiments and activities will provide even more science fun!

We will use a variety of books, videos, and engaging, hands-on activities to explore the exciting world of science. This class is designed with young learners in mind!  Students are not expected to know how to read or write nor or they expected to sit still for the entire class period. Games, gross motor activites, crafts, and other learning exercises will be used to teach our science topic each week.  All levels of learners are welcome in the Little Thinkers classroom and all supplies will be provided.

Parents will be provided with internet links and print materials each week to continue learning our weekly science topic at home as desired.  A private Facebook page will be created for the Little Thinkers classroom to share pictures and other information (link will be provided after classes begin).

Homework Requirements: Little to no homework will be given in this class.


Time: 2:35-4:00
Grades: K-3
Class Fee: $350
Supply Fee: $85
Tutor: Kelli Brazier