Little S.T.E.M. K-3

“When it comes to STEM learning, no matter what field you’re exploring, learning about it is all about discovering new things, building things, collecting data or information and experiment with different things to see what the outcome is. As you can see, if taught in the right way, this could stimulate the minds of students no end” shares Max Pettit, PhD engineering. When taught at a young age, these skills will stay with these students for life.

Learning and playing don’t always come together in a classroom setting. Little STEM is one class where students will be able to learn as they play. Come join us for a fun introduction to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Activities will challenge students to work together in groups to complete the given task. Students will learn the STEM design process of ASK, IMAGINE, PLAN, CREATE, IMPROVE. Activities are fun, engaging and will challenge students to problem solve and think logically.

This year, students will be introduced to the design engineering and coding process by helping Grandma build an instrument to transmit a coded warning to Red Riding Hood. Students will help Dorothy and the Munchkins upcycle the yellow brick road into better housing for the Munchkins.  We will explore clean energy, such as solar and wind and tinker with robotics. Some weeks will be centered around known fairy tales and wonderful children’s books. Other weeks we will delve into inspiring stories of real kids working to improve the world in which they live.

Group work and problem-solving are at the heart of these challenges. Most challenges are new this year with a few returning favorites like the Gingerbread House challenge and end of the year Carnival.

Class Homework requirements: none.

Tuesday      FULL
TIME: 2:35-4:05
TUTOR:Kathy Ethridge