Fun with Phonics

What is phonics? Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read and write. This skill helps children hear and identify the difference between letters in the alphabet. Understanding phonics can help children know what letters to use when spelling as well. The skill of sounding out words can help children to become fluent and confident readers. The goal of this class is to help students better recognize letters and their sounds and develop a love for words: whether speaking, reading, writing or singing. In this fun, interactive class we will use video, music, games, stories, and other modalities to learn phonics and early reading.

This class is not meant to be a full reading program but as a fun, supplemental enhancement of your home language arts program. During the first semester students will be learning to recognize, identify the phonetic sounds, and write every letter of the alphabet. Once they have learned all the letters and sounds, they will begin to “decode” short words as a class. As we move into the second semester, they will begin learning blends, digraphs, and phonetic rules for the English language. They will also start learning some sight words. (There are words in the English language that DO NOT follow the phonetic rules and these can be learned through repetition.)  Simple books will be introduced at the later part of the school year.

Class Homework requirements:Weekly homework.  The students will have a workbook for ½ the semester and worksheets throughout that reinforce what they learned and prepare them to build the next week.  .5-1 hours a week.


TIME: 12:55-2:25
TUTOR:Michelle Scheri