Fun With Art

As a parent, you probably love to hear the phrase, “Look what I made!”. When your child has an opportunity to create physical representations of his or her imagination, thoughts, and experiences, he or she gains confidence. This 30 week FUN WITH ART class will take your child’s artistic ability to the next level.

Each week’s lesson will be a step by step drawing instruction to develop his or her ability to break down any picture into simple components. Your child will learn to combine simple lines, circles and squares into buildings, animals and portraits. Skills will be built that will enrich your child’s future artistic and academic endeavors. Structured art classes can help your child develop fine motor skills through coloring, drawing and painting.  We will cover concepts such as distance, size comparison and textural differences to encourage visual analysis.  Drawing helps your child with concentration.  He or she must stay on task to finish his masterpiece. In addition to improving fine motor skills, drawing improves hand-eye coordination which is important in athletic and recreational situations and academic such as penmanship. Completing a project each week increases your child’s individual confidence. I get the joy of watching your children use their creative problem solving skills and create works of art that they are proud of. In this class we will be working with oil pastel, chalk pastel, watercolor, marker, and colored pencil. You will be amazed at what your child can create throughout the year.

I am looking forward to helping your child have Fun With Art!

No homework required in this class

Time: 10:45-12:15
Grades: K-4
Class Fee: $395
Supply fee: $95 (all materials are provided with this fee)
Tutor: Amy Potter Smith