Cantering the Country

Cantering the Country will make geography come alive for K-3rd graders!  Students will be introduced to the fifty states and District of Columbia. While studying the geography of the states, students will meet various historical figures, leaders, and other important people from each state.  They will learn about trees, flowers, birds, rocks, and various other scientific topics from each state.  They will also study traits taken from state mottoes and preambles to help instill noble character qualities.

This class will be a wonderful introduction to geography and will provide an opportunity to appreciate our incredible country and all of the varied cultures and people in it.   The many hands-on activities will appeal to our young learners. Each class will begin with puzzles, games, and books for students to enjoy.  They will have an opportunity to learn through play and socialization in order to be able to focus during the lesson.  Little learners are not expected to sit at a table for the hour and a half class period.  They are given plenty of time for movement and play which enhances their ability to learn.

 Students are not expected to know how to read or write in this class.  Older students will be given leadership opportunities in the class in order to help the younger kids.

Homework requirements:  None

 Time: 10:45-12:15
Grades: K-3
Class Fee: $350
Supply fee: $100
Tutor: Monica Larson