Spanish A, Tigres (“Tigers” Beginner Spanish, year A)

In this 30-week class, we will explore Spanish in a fun, hands-on way, using conversation, games, music, food, and books. The class goal is for students to know basic daily vocabulary, be able to carry on brief conversations in Spanish and be enthusiastic about further language learning.

We will be “Exploradores” (Explorers) who visit Spanish-speaking countries, sample their foods, listen to their music, and celebrate some of their festivals and holidays. Take-homes will help parents and siblings to join in learning Spanish! This class focuses more on spoken than written Spanish, although we do cover some of both. (This class is Year A so students who had Tigres B the previous year can participate again and learn some different vocabulary, as well as students who have no previous Spanish. Due to the nature of language learning, some basic material is repeated both A and B years, which is great reinforcement for students who take both years.)

We spend some time each week on speaking/listening to Spanish as well as on Spanish-speaking culture. Activities are different each year. A favorite activity which we will repeat was to write and illustrate a simple children’s book in Spanish, as a class. We learn vocabulary like numbers, colors, cognates, adjectives, verbs, animals, and much more. Various games are used weekly to introduce and review vocabulary. Some examples are card games, Bingo, musical colors, and counting games. Students earn pesos for participating and can spend them at El Mercado (the market) at the end of each semester.

For the culture portion, we “visit” one Spanish speaking country each week, learning fun facts and stamping our passports. We have a Central America Celebration and South America Celebration with authentic foods as we finish each of those areas. We also have a Cinco de Mayo (the real meaning) celebration that focuses on Mexico, our closest Spanish-speaking neighbor. The class will celebrate several Hispanic holidays as well.

All supplies provided.

Class homework requirements: Brief weekly homework, often including looking up a fun fact about the next country. 30 minutes or less weekly.


Time:  10:45-12:15
Grades: K-3rd
Class Fee: $300
Supply fee: $60
Tutor: Wendi Sisson