Amy’s Little Artists

Few activities come as naturally to young children as drawing. Creating art has numerous developmental benefits including developing fine motor skills, concentration, improves eye-hand coordination, problem solving and increased confidence.

Amy’s Little Artists is a 1-1/2 hour 30 week art class. Each week’s lesson will be a step by step drawing instruction to develop his or her ability to break down any picture into simple components. Your child will learn to combine simple lines, circles and squares into buildings, animals and portraits. Skills will be built that will enrich your child’s future artistic and academic endeavors.  We will cover concepts such as distance, size comparison and textural differences to encourage visual analysis.  Drawing helps your child with concentration.  He or she must stay on task to finish his masterpiece. In addition to improving fine motor skills, drawing improves hand-eye coordination which is important in athletic and recreational situations and academic such as penmanship

Many of the assignments are teacher lead in the beginning to build their drawing skill and confidence. After the initial instruction, your child will be encouraged to add their own personality into the details and completion of his or her projects.. My ultimate goal for the year is to turn these students into budding artists confident in their new skills. I will weave color theory and famous artist information into the lessons when appropriate. My hope is that my students will be engaged in work that is meaningful and challenging to them while simultaneously experiencing the joy of creating!

No homework is required


Time: 9:00-10:30
Grades: K-4
Cost: $395
Supply Fee: $95 (all supplies will be provided, no need to purchase anything)
TutorAmy Potter Smith