Adventures in Reading & Writing K-2

It can be said that reading is an adventure that takes us to times and places we otherwise could not go. The goal of this class is to help make both reading and writing an adventure that will make learning fun for each child.  While some children are “natural” readers and writers, others find it to be a struggle.  This class is for both hesitant readers and writers as well as those who delight in one or both of these areas.  Children will be encouraged to take chances, try again, and celebrate process over product to encourage a creative reading and writing mindset.

Each 1.5 hour class will consist of three areas of activity.  First, we will explore a new short story that the teacher reads aloud.  We will discuss basic fundamentals of literature such as genre, characters, and figurative language.  Next, we will use out of the box ways to explore the story further.  This may include acting out the story, craft activities, games, or using graphic organizers to further explore a theme or idea.  Finally, children will continue the literature experience by writing independently. Whether a child is at the pre-writing stage (drawing pictures), or already writing paragraphs, each child will be encouraged to express him or herself in a way that is comfortable.  This class is a no pressure introduction to exploring literature and writing to encourage your child’s creativity and a love for learning.  Children will be challenged at their level, encouraged to identify their own voice, and grow in their own creativity.

This class will not teach phonics and reading fundamentals, but will rather serve to take away some of the fear of reading and writing and infuse some of the fun of stories and words.   We will focus on and celebrate individual thought without the pressure emphasizing spelling and grammar.  Curious minds are encouraged!

Class homework requirements: none required, but some at-home writing will be encouraged.


Time: 9:00-10:30
Grade: K-2
Cost: $320
Supply Fee: $50
Tutor: Annette Wright