Travel and Taste the USA

This fun and tasty 30 week class will cover all 50 states and capitals as well as some fun and delicious learning opportunities. We will endeavor to taste and sample our way through the USA with the snacks, foods and drinks that make each state great! Texas chili, Georgia peaches, Maine lobster, Louisiana jambalaya, Idaho potatoes, Coca Cola from Georgia, and Florida orange juice….yum! We will emphasize Map skills, the topography of each state, memorization of states and capitals as well as their shapes and placement on the map. We will also touch on famous people and events from each state and pertinent historical information. Each state will have its own information sheet with traditional state information as well as some of our fun and wacky points of interest that students will compile for a hardbound booklet at the end of the year. We will explore each state using various media (music, photography, video, selected text and literature in order to magnify your students understanding of United States Geography. Join us for a tasty and educational trip through the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! 

Class Homework Requirements: There will be moderate homework (no more than 30 minutes) each week with quizzes and tests online through Schoology. Each student will have an assigned week each quarter to present a state in a format of their choosing. This will be assigned at least 2 weeks ahead of time. The emphasis is content. Students can do a commercial, a travel brochure, written or oral report, Lego display or diorama. Creativity is encouraged! Additionally, there may be required viewing of certain documentaries at home. 


Time: 10:45-12:15
Grades: 4-7
Class Fees: $300
Supply fee: $50
Tutor: Brenda Lamey