Science Academy

Discover the essential skills required on the way to becoming a scientist in this engaging, hands on 30-week 1.5 hour class. Science Academy introduces and then guides young scientists through five different areas of science. The laboratory, investigative science, space and earth science, and life sciences will be taught in units with an excess of fun and discovery.  Students will participate in classroom discussion, experiments, and learn to work independently and in groups putting into practice safe and responsible use of all equipment and supplies. Practical projects, each carefully designed to introduce the types of skills required by the different real-life scientists, help kids pick up the basics in a fun, tangible way.  Experiments in class, various media presentations and learning to research and find credible sources will also be emphasized. Lessons will include creating a pendulum, investigating a crime scene, uncovering some fossils, and studying the solar system—the sky’s the limit! This is a great survey of the Sciences and careers in various scientific fields.  Your budding scientist will love it.  Supply fee includes everything needed for class.

Class Homework Requirements: The bulk of work is done in class with partners or groups.  Occasional homework may consist of completing a lab or watching media.  There is one Science Fair Project in the Spring that students will complete.  In class/online unit tests are usually open book or study guides may be used.


Time: 12:55-2:25
Grade: 6-8

Class Fees: $350
Supply fee: $50
Brenda Lamey 

In the event that the COVID-19 pandemic affects our ability to meet in person during the school year, I will make the following adjustments to this class:
Work will be posted before scheduled class time to review/complete.  We will then meet during regular class time via Zoom for discussion or experiments.  Time will be allotted for questions or help completing assignments.