Puppeteering,  Design/ Create/ Perform 

Does your child love to create?  Is she always looking for a project to do?  Does he make up stories and adventures?  Do they want to share their creations with others?  Then PUPPETEERING is for you!!!!

This 30 week class is designed to help your student organize and design a creative performance project. Starting with an idea, the students will create their own character – personality, profession, and everything else about them. Then using creative art techniques, they will design and make their own puppet to represent their character. Next backdrop and props will be assembled and painted.  The students will then work together to develop an original story and script. Basics of puppetry will be learned, and then the original story will be performed for classmates and parents. 

The classroom activities will be part art class…part drama class and 100% fun!  

This is going to be great!  

Class homework assignments: light – each student will be expected to participate in class projects and performances


Grades: 5-12
Cost: $350
Supply Fee:$150
TutorsAmy Smith and Debbie Vaughn

In the event that the COVID-19 pandemic affects our ability to meet in person in a classroom , I will make the following adjustments to this class. Tutor and students will meet at the scheduled class time via a video chat service. Assignments can be submitted electronically, and feedback will be provided electronically.  Group projects and group collaboration will be encouraged via online methods, but adjustments will be made as needed.  Our goal is to meet in person as soon as it is feasible. We may begin classroom meetings at any point during the school year as the COVID-19 situation resolves.