Personal Training, Health Sciences and Myology

This 30 week course will focus on efficient movement and developing exercise routines that are safe and goal oriented.  In addition to outdoor obstacle course style runs, students will have the opportunity to experience a variety of Personal Trainer / Group Exercise Instructor led workouts both choreographed and freestyle.  Each class will offer form correction for optimal movement patterns and postural alignment.

Every class will include a workout and some class time to discuss what we did, why we did it, what muscles were used and how to make the same movements more effective (i.e. how to improve).

For non-athletes:  Fitness is a continuum we all fall on somewhere.  No one should ever feel inferior as they being their fitness journey.  Rather, they should be applauded for trying something new.  Regressions will be offered for every exercise and students with no athletic experience will be coached to start their fitness journey in a safe and supportive environment.

For Athletes:  You can expect to increase endurance for your primary sport through cross training and form evaluation with basic and advanced movement patterns.

Students should dress for a vigorous workout, including proper footwear.  Due to storage constraints, we will primarily use resistance tubing and body weight for resistance training, however there will be a few free weights around for some traditional weight training movements.

Class homework requirements: All students will have some reading assigned weekly and occasional quizzes, found on Schoology, to enhance and improve their knowledge of how the body works.  Readings and quizzes will be based on the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer Manual.  Students with specific goals that do not train elsewhere will have additional “homework” assignments designed to help them meet their goals.  For example: A desire to run the St. Jude 5k will require a few mid-week runs.  To successfully attain this goal, we will develop an achievable training plan.

Course Credit:

Completion of this course in conjunction with Andrea Reese’s Health and Wellness 1 semester course, students will complete their health and wellness requirements.  (Courses do not have to be taken simultaneously.)


Time: 2:35-4:05
Grade: 7th and up
Class Fees: $275
Supply fee: $50
Tutor: Candace Fortino

COVID-19 Contingency Plan:

In the event that the COVID-19 pandemic affects our ability to meet in person in a classroom for the 2021-22 school year, I will make the following adjustments to this class. Tutor and students will meet at the scheduled class time via a video chat service. Assignments will be given and the remainder of class time will be allocated to completion of assignments.  Submissions can be submitted electronically, and feedback will be provided electronically.  Group projects and group collaboration will be encouraged via online methods, but adjustments will be made as needed.  Our goal is to meet in person as soon as it is feasible. We may begin classroom meetings at any point during the school year as the COVID-19 situation resolves.