Lego Stop-Motion II

This class builds from the basic stop motion foundations of the Make Your Own Movie class.  In this 30-week, hands-on class, students will dive deeper into building and development while also learning special effects, lighting and camera techniques to create longer-form projects.  Open to students in grades 5-12 with previous lego stop-motion experience (MYOM graduates are encouraged to enroll). Some Lego minifigs will be supplied and students are encouraged to bring their own (sanitized).

Materials needed:

  • Apple or Android smartphone (preferred), Tablet is OK
  • Animation software (Stop Motion Studio – $5)
  • Minifigs from home (sanitized)

Class Homework: Homework will be given on a weekly basis to review lessons learned from class. Semester projects include comedy and action shorts and a feature presentation/showcase at semester end.


Time: 12:55 – 2:25
Grades: 5-12
Class Fee: $350
Books and Supply Fee: $75
Tutor: David Pickett