In the Air To Aviation

This fun class will explain basic powered flight fundamentals, including flight aerodynamics, exterior aircraft components, interior aircraft components, flight instruments, The National Airspace System, aeromedical factors, radio communications and the role of Air Traffic Control, weather analysis, basic neuroscience of decision-making, careers in aviation and how to get there,  the history of how aviation has shaped travel, and the introduction of drones to our airspace system.  

During the year, we will plan one optional field trip to a local flight school to tour a general aviation aircraft, and one other optional field trip to another aviation-related facility (one per semester).  From time to time, we will have an inspirational guest speaker either live or via webstream.  

 We will use videos, in-class demonstrations and Microsoft X Flight Simulator in the classroom to enhance learning.   It would be beneficial for each student to download Microsoft X onto a home computer, but it is not required for the class.  

Required materials:

  • Internet Access and a device to watch assigned videos and research topics
  • 1 inch three ring binder 

Class homework requirements: Weekly assignments that will include some reading, science experiment development and preparation, and practice on a flight simulator at home if possible.  

Day/time:  2:35-4:05
Grades: 7-12
Class Fee: $350
Books/supply fee: $50
Tutor: Jan Sawyer