IEW Creative Writing (Level B) Advanced

This 30 week 1-1/2 hour class is built on the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum, Following Narnia Volume 1: The Lion’s Song.

Students will read the first three novels in The Chronicles of Narnia while learning to take notes, summarize narrative stories, write three-paragraph stories, and compose essays. This IEW approach provides a structured way to unleash creativity and build communication skills. Learning and implementing the writing skills taught in this highly effective curriculum will prepare elementary and middle school age students with writing skills that provide foundational writing performance within a concrete set of expectations. IEW offers a system that provides concrete evaluation and measurable achievement. Your student will develop competency, independence, and creativity within logical boundaries that will be built upon during the course.


The class includes a weekly writing lab with peer feedback and teacher review. Students will present their papers and gain experience in oral presentation skills. Learning to speak, read, debate and analyze these allegorical stories as well as write objectively will enhance lifelong presentation skills.  The weekly writing assignments associated with these books will solidify student’s communication skills both orally and written. Thinking logically and properly putting thoughts and summaries of notable works of literature in print will stretch your student and prepare them for the future.

Class homework requirements:: Weekly 

**Completion of a Level A IEW class is required. 

Required Materials:


Time: 9:00-10:30
Grade: 5
th-7th grade
Class Fees: $350
Supply fee: $60
Tutor: Beth Vess