Health/Wellness and Life Skills 

This 30 week 1.5 hour class will be divided into 2 semesters. The Fall semester will be a traditional take on basic health and wellness. Classes will cover Nutrition and the Food Pyramid, the importance of Physical Activity and the various types, an Intro to CPR and First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, making a family disaster kit, Personal Hygiene, as well as Social and Emotional Health. We will gently broach delicate topics regarding bullying, mental health, and finding good coping mechanisms. There will be no discussion of human reproduction. Several weeks will be needed to cover some topics. We will utilize guest speakers, games, class projects,traditional textbook and workbook options, and lively but guided class discussion to cover these topics. The class will be encouraged to utilize what they have learned to support their family, neighbors, friends and community with special service projects in class. Students will also take the lead on ideas and projects promoting kindness and empathy, supporting their fellow students and teachers, and doing their part to make their school environment a wonderful place for all. 

The Spring Semester will cover Life Skills, aka those need to know topics that don’t always come up in our small homeschool environments. Do you know how to iron a shirt? Are you able to survey your time and workload and make the best use of it? What is the best way to respond in tricky or uncomfortable social situations? Classes will allow hands on time covering topics such as Phone/ Table, and Conversation Etiquette, Meal Planning,Basic Money Help (managing expenses, saving, how to use a debit card), Goal Setting, and simple household and life management. Students will also learn to take notes and search for reliable sources for research while using the Internet safely. It’s Home Ec for the modern homeschooler! 

Class Homework Requirements: Moderate (no more than 30-45 minutes each week) to include some writing assignments, online tests and quizzes, personal time at home to apply topics from class. Students will complete 1-2 larger projects each semester in the format of their choice. Creativity and fun encouraged.


Time: 9-10:30
Grade: 5
Class Fees: $300
Supply fee: $50
Brenda Lamey