God’s Design / Applied Engineering

Applied Engineering: Study of God’s Design in Nature by MasterBooks is a class in which Middle School students will study biomimicry which reveals how man-made designs are inspired by God’s design in nature. This study uses captivating books, engaging worksheets, and hands-on activities to demonstrate the world’s need for God’s creative genius.
There will be a variety of ways to learn about this fascinating branch of science, which makes it more engaging & interesting for the student. Amazing correlations between nature made by Our Creator & inventions & advancements made by humans will be explored in an awe-inspiring, colorful, fun way!
Required Materials:  Textbooks:
  • 1) Discovery of Design by Donald DeYoung & Derrik Hobbs
  • 2) Made In Heaven by Master Books, Authors Roy Comfort & Jeffrey Seto
  •  3) Men of Science, Men of God  (The Henry Morris Signature Collection) by  Henry Morris
Please note: You can search for these pre-owned or discounted through different online sellers!
Class homework requirements: Homework assignments will reinforce what is learned in class and may include worksheets, videos, research or other assignments.


Time: 12:55-2:25
Grade: 6-8
Class Fees: $395
Supply fee: $85
Tutor: Jill Knight