Exciting Espanol

Through interactive and diverse activities, games,  worksheets, readings & teacher instruction, the students will learn about the Spanish language, Latin American countries & Spain, foods and culture from a native Spanish speaker! They will learn  pronunciation,  vocabulary, grammar,  & more! There will be food, music & cultural lessons pertaining to different Latin countries, & Spain too! The students will speak, write, read, watch & interact in Spanish, in order to be immersed (as much as is feasible!) in the language, so it can be retained as much as possible! Everything will be done at the students’ appropriate level, with the goal of ensuring that  knowledge of the Spanish language & Hispanic culture is not only learned, but enjoyed!
Prerequisites: No previous knowledge of Spanish is required, just a willingness to learn!
Class Homework requirements: Since consistency & practice at home is key to learning a new language, and because this class can possibly be the foundation for High School foreign language, there will be homework. There may be a workbook or other resources that they will work with. They also may be looking up information or facts, completing worksheets or watching videos, listening or translating, & possible quizzes… but not all at once!


Time: 2:25-4:05
Grade: 6-8
Class Fees: $370
Supply fee: $70
Tutor: Sonia Leetom