Creative Scriptwriting

Creative Scriptwriting is designed for the student who is interested in the process of bringing a story to life on stage or film.  This 30-week class is an exciting journey down a creative and dramatic path.

The course is designed to explore the art and craft of dramatic writing with a particular focus on the process.  Students learn to write plays by writing plays. The primary goal of the course is to encourage students to write quickly, fluidly, and fearlessly. Students will write a play, a scene or other assignment every week.   Our emphasis is on experimentation and process. This will include creative brainstorming, inspiration/research, developing characters, generating stories, intentional use of language, plus analysis and revision.

The course will introduce the traditional approach to theatre which is rooted in character and narrative structure, with emphasis on a play’s arc through its beginning, turning point, and ending. In-class exercises will allow students to experience trusting first instincts, and encourage students to write both visually and concretely. Each week’s assignment will introduce another element of the craft, including developing dialogue, revealing action, the power of the unspoken word, disrupted ritual, etc.  Work will be read in class and the group will provide each other with constructive feedback.  Rewriting and editing follow this feedback. The year will conclude with a public reading of your student’s final project – a polished 10-minute play for middle schoolers, and either 2 polished 10-minute plays, or an expanded 20-30 minute play for high school students.  .

Class homework assignments: Moderate- regular weekly writing on scenes, plays and other assignments, readings in class


Time: 10:45-12:15
Grades: 6-12
Cost: $400
Supply Fee: $75
TutorDebbie Vaughn