Chemistry and Physics for Kids

1st semester this kids Chemistry class  is a 15 week 1-1/2 hour class that introduces students to atoms, molecules, molecular reactions, acid-base reactions, titration’s, mixtures, separating mixtures, polymers, and biological polymers. We will also cover the “Language of Science” looking at the Latin and Greek roots that make up the vocabulary of Chemistry. The text is written at a 4-6th grade reading level and covers the same basic concepts of chemistry for upper level yet is still presented in easy-to-understand language and broken down into easy-to-complete modules. The textbook is easy to read and fun to use. The classroom will be lively and students are encouraged to explore real science using hands-on experiments that are designed not only to teach the scientific method but to help develop critical thinking tools necessary for all subjects. Experiments will coincide with the classes and help to drive home the information learned in the class and text.

2nd semester this kids Physics class, also a 15 week 1-1/2 hour class, will introduce the students to the fundamental concepts of “physical laws”, motion, energy, forces, chemical potential energy, nuclear energy, electrical energy and charges, magnets, electromagnets, light and sound. It also covers the “Language of Science”, looking at the Latin and Greek roots that make up the vocabulary of Physics. The class is structured the same as the Chemistry class.

Class homework requirements:: Weekly workbook assignments, some reading and some time learning vocabulary on Quizlet. Students will have 1 Major project (creating a Rube Goldburg Machine) in spring semester.  Time estimated average students 1 ½ hours a week home work.

Day/time:  9:00-10:30
Grades: 4th-6th
Class Fee: $350
Books/supply fee: $85 (all books and supplies provided with this fee)
Tutor: Megan Powell