Acting UP

Whether an extrovert or an introvert, most kids have a dramatic side and dream of being on the stage. This acting class is NOT ONLY for the bold, outspoken child, but also to reach into the full potential of the quiet or introverted child. This course will cover skills in observation, listening, characterization, improvisation, dialects, monologue and scene delivery, auditioning, memorization, and acting. We will achieve this by way of acting exercises, games, and scene interpretation. Acting class aims to introduce students to some of the fundamental skills and tools required for developing the acting process. Students will build self-awareness, develop their imagination and concentration, learn actor’s vocabulary, and demonstrate the ability to be honest and believable in their acting.  In addition, students will learn how to behave as a professional actor as they focus on the respect needed in and acting class as well as on stage. This acting class, geared for middle and high school students of all levels, will look to improve technique in all areas of acting. We will jump in by using theatre exercises to gain trust and community within the classroom. Once everyone is feeling some confidence we will begin work on all things from using our voices and bodies to convey character to preparing for an audition. Class work will include breathing, stretching, relaxation, resonance, and articulation by use of physical and vocal warm ups, so comfortable clothing is recommended. Class will involve group and solo work. Acting is a wonderful, rewarding pursuit. Its study can open the mind, sharpen the wit, and free the heart. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover your hidden talents…and join us as we have FUN discovering our dramatic sides!

**There will be a chance for parents to view a prepared scene or monologue at the end of each semester.   

Class Homework requirements: minimal

Time: 12:55-2;25
Grades: 6-12
Cost: $350
Supply Fee: $100 Scripts, Literary Materials, etc:
 René Cave

COVID-19 Contingency Plan:

In the event that the COVID-19 pandemic affects our ability to meet in person in a classroom for the 2020-21 school year, I will make the following adjustments to this class. Tutor and students will meet at the scheduled class time for 40 minutes via a video chat service. We will discuss that week’s assignment along with other class information. Assignments will be submitted through video, and individual feedback will be provided electronically. Our goal is to meet in person as soon as it is feasible. We may begin classroom meetings at any point during the school year as the COVID-19 situation resolves.