Middle School Classes

Study Hall – all periods
This year we are offering  the option of a 30-week 1 ½ hour supervised Study Hall during each class period. We offer this option in order to help you with your schedule and prevent you from running back and forth to the Tutorial.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  
Day/Time: each period
Cost: $145
For Study Hall information click here

Acting UP

American History

Apologia’s General Science + STEM


Chemistry and Physics for Kids

Computer Programming

Ecology and Conservation

Health/Wellness and Life Skills

High School Prep Writing for MS

Human Anatomy and Physiology (Exploring Creation) 5-8

IEW Creative Writing (Level B) Advanced

IEW Creative Writing A

In the Air To Aviation

Intermediate Middle School Language Arts

Introduction to Middle School Language Arts: Grades 5-6

Introduction to Speech

It’s Show Time

Keyboarding and Intro to Computer Applications

Latin – Levels 1, 2, and 3

Learning Logic With Games

Lost Tools of Writing with Great Literature

Middle School Book Club

Middle School Language Arts with Lord of the Rings/Hobbit

Middle School Math – Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Middle School/High School Drama

Mythology Norse & Egyptian

Personal Training, Health Sciences & Myology

Phonics of Art and Drawing Level I & II (Tuesday and Thursday)

Phonics of Art and Drawing Level I II III & IV (Wednesday)

Physical Science (Apologia’s Exploring Creation )


Principles of Photography

Rock the Speech

S. T. E. M.

Sketch Render and Paint

Spanish 1/2/3 Águilas (“Eagles” Beginner & Intermediate Spanish)

TCT Annual Yearbook Staff

The Science of Cooking Class B

Timeline of the 20th Century

Travel and Taste the USA

World Geography /American Government -Model UN

World History