Health Order 8/9/21 –

Dear Parents,

The Health Department has just released an Amended Health Order No. 24. 8/9/21

I have linked it below, but the pertinent part for us is :

1) Effective August 9, 2021, masks are required in any indoor area of a K-12 grade school, pre-K school, or daycare facility;

Therefore, all students and faculty are required to wear masks indoors at the TCT. We ask that parents not enter the building, but if you have younger children, you must wear a mask to accompany them. Our church facility is legally required to abide by this directive and we are contractually required to meet those rules.

As always, kindness and compassion should be the hallmark of TCT families. People have differing well reasoned opinions and all should be treated with compassion. We have gotten through this before and are better able to be agile and flexible now.

We thank you for your grace as we have tried to navigate this changing landscape,
TCT Administration and Tutors