Copy of Statements & Policies 21/22

This is a COPY of our Statements & Policies for review purposes only.
It can be filled out online HERE

Mission Statement:
We strive to work hand in hand with parents to challenge, inspire and empower students to fully glorify God with their gifts and talents.  We endeavor to inspire young men and women to embark on a path of lifelong learning so they will more fully bear God’s image to the world.

Statement Of Purpose:
* To support and encourage parents as they endeavor to prepare their children to become responsible, mature adults.
*To assist parents in teaching their children to distinguish truth from falsehood.
* To reinforce parents’ God given role in their children’s character development through teachers who teach from a biblical world view.

Statement Educational Philosophy and Faith:
Our philosophy is that teaching from the heart will communicate more than just facts and figures.  We strive to teach in our areas of passion.  We want to inspire students to consume the truths from each subject we teach.  Our teachers are committed to teaching from a biblical worldview.  We believe that God’s word is inherent, and that He teaches us in His word to use our gifts to bear His image to our students.  All of our teachers have professed to be followers of Christ and have signed a statement of faith.  We do not require our students to be a believer of Christ in order to participate in our classes at The Cordova Tutorial. We welcome students and families from all faiths.

Tutor Responsibilities:
Tutors preparation for each class will be done in a timely manner.  Classes will start on time and finish on time.  Tutors will require respect from each student and will discipline the student and the class as needed to maintain order.  Tutors will provide parents with enough information and material necessary to help their students achieve success in the given subject.  Tutors will cover the subject materials outlined in their descriptions for the class.

Statement Of Responsibility: Section
**Parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children.  We strive to create classes to enhance not replace your role in your child’s education.  Parents are expected to be aware of the material covered and assignments given to their students and assist them to complete all their assignments.   Parents are expected to get the students to class on time with supplies and assignments.  Parental involvement is the key to the success of their student.  *Parents are responsible for verifying their student’s curriculum is acceptable with your cover school.

I understand that enrolling in classes at The Cordova Tutorial is a yearlong commitment, and in signing up for a class or classes I am committing to the tutor/tutors to pay for the entire year regardless of my situation or my child’s attendance.
I also acknowledge that classes must be dropped before July 1st in order to receive Class Tuition refunds with the understanding that registration fees and class deposits (supply fees) are non-refundable after Registration.
I have read and agree with the above statements and understand my commitment to the tutor/tutors of The Cordova Tutorial is for the complete fiscal year.   I understand that failure to do so will result in default of contract and result in fees/credit reporting, and restrictions to admissions to TCT in the future.
Financial Policies:
Early enrollment registration fees must be delivered by Fri., April 9th, $65 1st child, $55 for 2nd and $50 for the third ($150 per family cap)
After April 9th, registration fee is $75 for 1st child, $65 for 2nd child, $65 for 3rd ($205 per family cap).
The registration check needs to be made payable to MEGAN POWELL.
Tuition Checks will be submitted directly to the tutor and must be submitted at the same time as the registration form. The tutor will send you a payment work sheet with the details of the payment plan you choose and the process for completing registration.  Supply fees for each class are due at time of registration and are non-refundable.

This year we are providing you with 4 options for Tuition Payments:
1 payment  –    July 1, 2021
2 payments – July 1, 2021 & January 1, 2022
4 payments – July 1, 2021; October 1, 2021; January 1, 2022; March 1, 2022
8 payments – July 1, 2021; August 1, 2021; September 1, 2021; October 1, 2021; November 1, 2021; January 1, 2022;  February 1, 2022;  March 1, 2022 .

If you choose, you may pay the entire Supply Fees, Class Fees, and Registration Fees at time of enrollment.

Class deposits (Supply Fees) are NON-REFUNDABLE after registration and Class Tuition Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE AFTER JULY 1st.
Returned payment for insufficient funds will result in $35 insufficient funds fee.
Accounts that become past due will result in the child missing classes until the account is settled.

TCT Policies
In our classes we will provide the instruction, hands-on and cooperative learning activities that will reinforce the new skills and knowledge the students will be acquiring.  When appropriate tutors will administer tests and grades to assess student’s mastery of the subject taken. Ultimately however the parents have the responsibility to report their child’s grades.  Students are responsible to complete all missed assignments.  Please contact the tutor for missed assignments.
Class canceled:
As you know many things happen during the year that may result in a class or classes canceled.  Our policy allows for missing one class period or school day per year without refund or make-up of class. These missed classes will only be for last minute illness, snow days or other issues out of our control. More than one will require scheduling a make-up class arranged by the tutor or tutorial.

We work as a team with you the parent to help your child to complete the class successfully and we know that you are aware that attendance in class is expected.  If you have to miss a class for illness or other important event please contact your tutor to receive missed assignments so they can be completed.
While on campus students must be in class or in transition to another class.
Students are not to leave the main hall for any reason without permission.
There are to be no students sitting in cars or outside designated class area without a parent or supervising adult present.

Dress Code:
 All students will be expected to wear blue jeans, slacks, Capris or knee-length shorts/skirt (no short shorts, cut off shorts, short skirts, low riding pants [that show their underwear], T-shirts with unacceptable sayings, tank tops, midriff or low-cut tops, etc.).
Athletic stretch pants, yoga pants or workout pants MUST BE COVERED by shorts, or a shirt or skirt reaching the students fingertips. Neatness and modesty should govern all forms of dress.

Students must carry a book bag to hold all their materials and possessions and keep it with them at all times.

Behavior Expectations:
>Our Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner to all teachers, parent helpers, students and facilities.
>The building and grounds will be left the way we found them or cleaner.  If an accident results in the damage of any kind payment to replace or repair will be the responsibility of the student and their parents.
>In each class the student will receive behavior expectations and will be expected to meet them.

School Day Expectations:
Please read carefully because some policies have changed.

>Students are to remain in their classrooms until period ends.
>They are to remain in designated areas only; they are not allowed to wander the halls of the facility.
>Bathrooms and hallways are to be left clean after use.
>No guns, knives, or weapons of any kind can be brought into the facility
>No illegal paraphernalia or behaviors such as smoking, vaping or drugs
>Students who are on site but are not taking a class that period must be scheduled for the study hall or picked up by an adult.
>If the student is a licensed driver with their own transportation they will be allowed to leave the premises by themselves unless arranged beforehand with the administration or the study hall tutor.
>Drivers are not allowed to hang out in their car in the parking lot during classes.  If they have a break they can need to be enrolled in study hall or they can leave and return for their later class.
>Failure to do the above can result in suspension, or expulsion

Mode of Discipline:
If a student violates the code of conduct, dress code, or tutor guidelines, he/she will receive one warning.  They may be sent out of the room to allow the tutor to resume teaching the other students if the misbehavior warrants. If the behavior continues in subsequent weeks the behavior will be addressed with the student and the parent will be phoned during the week.  Subsequent warnings will require a conference with the student, parent and an administrator before returning to class.  The Administrators of The Cordova Tutorial reserve the right to suspend or expel a student due to behavioral issues.  There will be no refund of the tuition due to the suspension or expulsion.

The Medical Release is also included on the Statements & Policies form, ending with:

I hereby give permission for my child/children listed above to take part in The Cordova Tutorial sponsored classes. I authorize any representative of The Cordova Tutorial to render first aid to my child and/or to transport him/her to a medical treatment facility and/or to call an ambulance. It is understood that all costs for transportation arrangements and costs associated with examination and treatment are SOLELY at my expense. I further give my permission and authorize any representative of The Cordova Tutorial to secure needed medical attention or treatment on the advice of any licensed physician and from a licensed physician, hospital, or medical clinic in the event that I cannot be reached for such permission. I release any representative of The Cordova Tutorial as a group or individually from any and all liability for accident, injuries, or loss of life suffered or for efforts to administer first aid for same as a result of involvement with The Cordova Tutorial classes and activities. I further understand and agree that in the event that the above named sons/daughters are involved in activities that violate or compromise the rules, or purposes of The Cordova Tutorial, I will pay and accept full responsibility. I understand that I am responsible for how my child arrives and leaves the campus. I have read and understand this Medical Release and Waiver. I accept and assume any and all risks of accident, injury, or loss of life associated with the activities of The Cordova Tutorial. This release is valid and irrevocable for the current calendar year of The Cordova Tutorial activities.