21/22 TCT Registration

Before beginning this Process, make sure you have received each Tutor’s WorksheetTutors can be reached by links to their homepage or by viewing our: Tutor Directory

Below is The Cordova Tutorial Registration Process for 2021/2022.
You must complete each step below before moving to the next step.

STEP 1. Using the link below, fill out and submit the TCT Statements and Policies form online.


STEP 2. Print and Fill in the Registration Form (link below). When completed – Email form to:  Sossaman6@bellsouth.net


STEP 3. Using the amount you calculated on the Registration form above, send your payment to: 

Venmo > @Megan-Powell-73

I will email you when your Registration with TCT is complete
Let me know if you have questions, I am here to help you,
TCT Registration Liaison 

* Tutor Worksheets will be emailed to you from each class tutor within 48 hours of class confirmation. They will include the information needed to complete the classroom enrollment. (If you have not received the Worksheet, please let the Tutor know immediately) (Having trouble contacting a tutor? Email the TCT communications Czar @ tctcares4you@gmail.com)