TCT Dress Code Policies

Student tops should be plain (no words or symbols). TCT will be offering logo shirt options including long-sleeve and short-sleeve in a variety of colors. Buttons, jewelry, banners, or backpacks with any sayings or graphics are not allowed. Jackets must be plain as well.

Girls will be expected to wear bluejeans, slacks, pants, capris or knee-length shorts/skirts/dresses. (no short shorts, cut off shorts, short skirts, tank tops, midriff or low-cut tops, no skin should be showing between shirts and pants, etc.). Athletic stretch pants, yoga pants or workout pants MUST BE COVERED by shorts, or a shirt or skirt reaching the students fingertips.

Boys will be expected to wear pants or shorts. No torn jeans or pants low riding pants [that show their underwear]

Neatness and modesty should govern all forms of dress.

Students must carry a backpack to hold all their materials and possessions and keep it with them at all times.


1st offense – Warning issued to student and note sent home to the parent to be signed. Student will be provided a temporary outfit to change into.

2nd offense – Parents called to bring appropriate attire to change into 

3rd offense – Parents called to pick up their students from classes for the week.

4th offense – The student will no longer be allowed at TCT.