23/24 Lunchroom Registration

Students must be registered to remain on campus during lunchtime,all others will be excused and escorted outside.

Students with a class before lunch AND a class after lunch may request a free lunch spot.
Students with a class ONLY before or after lunch may request a lunch spot but will be charged. ( $80 yr or $45 per semester for a 2 payment option)
You must request a lunch for EACH child who needs one.

Tuesday Lunch

Wednesday Lunch

Thursday Lunch

All students registered for lunch will stay in their 2nd period class until the other students are excused. They will then be escorted to the lunch area.

*Please send your student with a water bottle. (water is the only student beverage allowed on campus)  TCT is a Peanut Free Zone – For the safety of all TCT students, please do not send any lunches or snacks containing peanuts. We have students on campus with severe peanut allergies.