23/24 Student Phone Policy

Students will turn off their phones and place phones in a storage container when they enter the classroom. The phone will stay in the container during the class period (unless the tutor has students use their phones for instructional purposes). Students will retrieve their phones from the container when the class is over.  Students are responsible for turning in and retrieving phones for each class. TCT is not liable for phones placed in the container.  Every class will follow the same policy.

Students will have access to phones between classes and during lunch, although we encourage students to interact and socialize during these times.
There will be medical exceptions.  If your child has a medical reason to keep their phone, a parent will need to  submit written documentation and the phone should remain in the backpack at all times during class, pending a medical emergency.
Study hall will be dealt with separately. 
Consequences for students using a phone during class:
  • 1st offense) Phone is taken up and kept until the end of the student’s day. Parent notified by email or text.
  • 2nd offense) Phone is taken up until the end of the student’s day. Parent must come to pick up the phone during TCT hours (Tuesday-Thursday 8:50-4:05).
  • 3rd offense) Phone is taken up until the end of the student’s day. Parent must pick up the phone during TCT hours (Tuesday-Thursday 8:50-4:05). Student is no longer allowed to bring phone to TCT.
  • 4th offense) Student is not allowed to come back to TCT and refunds will not be given.