**A Note from TCT

As we all walk through this very unknown landscape of the Covid 19 shelter-at-home policy of our government, please know that we understand your concerns regarding registration for the coming school year and we are doing our best to alleviate those concerns.  We are all having to reinvent our lives, our business, and in many cases our finances.  As we walk this path together we want you to know that we are doing every thing we can to give you some wiggle room and peace of mind on the 2020-21 registration  while still keeping our doors open.  Please know that as we write this we are proceeding with the hope that we will have a complete uninterrupted school year but in the same breath preparing for the worst..  We know that you all need some vision on how we will proceed in the year 2020/21 school year if the worst happens and we are ordered to shelter-at-home again.  Every tutor is writing a personal Covid-19 plan for their classes and we are posting them on the website under class descriptions so you will know how we plan on providing for you during any subsequent quarantine. We pray that this will help you to have the confidence to sign up for the classes you are interested in.   Please know that we the staff at TCT have prayed over each one of these policy changes. Our goal is to be compassionate and understanding for the needs of our TCT family and our Tutors.  Here is what we are doing in response to your questions and concerns:

1) A COVID-19 Contingency Plan is being added to bottom of each class description explaining how that class will function if we are not be able to meet during part of the 2020-21 school year. All classes have been updated with this information.

2) We will continue accepting registrations for the 2020-21 school year by mail or drop-off. Supply Fee checks will NOT be deposited (unless other wise requested by you) by tutors until July 1 with the first tuition checks. You will have until midnight, June 30th to withdraw from a class without losing supply fees or tuition. As of July 1 supply fees and tuition will not be refundable. That gives tutors approximately 1 month to assemble supplies needed for class. Please check each class’s COVID-19 Contingency Plan to see if that class will meet online, or if that class will be cancelled during shelter-at-home periods. Classes which state they will not meet will offer a partial tuition refund for the weeks that class is not held. This varies by class so please make sure you check the website class descriptions.

3) Registration fee checks will be deposited upon receipt and are not refundable. TCT has ongoing monthly expenses that these fees pay. We realize that some of you are without work currently and others are strapped for cash and you need to delay enrollment. However, if you are planning to sign up for classes and are able, we would ask that you go ahead and send in your registration now so that we can better plan for the coming year. Supply fee and tuition checks will not be deposited until July 1 unless you instruct us otherwise.

4) Because we are extending the deposit of supply fees until July 1, we will not know for sure if classes are holding until July 1. We will notify you on July 1 of classes that will not be holding due to low enrollment.

5) In the case of classes that are already filled and have a waiting list, as before your supply fee will be non-refundable to hold your spot in the class.  After April 30th if you have not mailed in your registration for those classes the tutor will contact you to notify you that your spot will be released and then offer it to the next family on their waiting list.  If you choose to withdraw your student from those classes, the supply fee will be non refundable (this is for classes that are full with a waiting list at time of registration.) 

We are praying for the safety of all of our families and looking forward to when we can see our students again in person. We will be scheduling some social time for families this summer as soon as it is safe.

Megan Powell and Kathy Ethridge