TCT Covid 19 Policy & Procedures

Temperature checks upon entry for 1st period classes.  Temp Checks at classroom doors 2nd– 4th period classes.

Any child with a temperature (above 100) will be sent home

Any child with concerning symptoms will be isolated until contact with the parent is made

Using hand sanitizer will be required upon entering the building and will be available when entering and exiting all classrooms

Social distancing 6 feet whenever possible for everyone involved

Class sizes are limited depending on class space available with a 12-person max for most classes. There are one or two classes that will have up to 15 where space allows.

Masks required to enter the building and in hall between classes

Use of masks in classroom:

  • K-3 no mask in classroom but masks will be required leaving the room for any reason. We will work with the children to maintain a safe environment teaching social distancing and good hygiene
  • Grades 4-12 masks will be required in classrooms where social distancing is not possible, Masks and face shields will be required when working in groups where social distancing is not possible. Tutors will notify you if your child will need to provide a face shield.  It will be handled differently for different classes. 
  • Face masks will be required when leaving the room for any reason
  • There are some students who cannot wear face masks and we will encourage face shields for them There will be exception for students with special need requirements.

Please remember we will have to follow all ordinances and guidelines. If and when things change, we will have to change our approach as needed.

The following guidelines will be used while students are changing classes.

  • Masks will be required while changing classes.
  • Students will be required to follow the designated flow pattern in the hallways.
  • Students will keep 6 feet apart as they move to their next classroom.
  • We will, if possible, allow a face mask break outside for 5 to 10 min between classes.
  • Temp Checks at classroom doors 2nd– 4th period classes.
  • We will encourage thorough hand washing or hand sanitizer between classes.

Please understand that we must limit parent entry into the building. If Parents feel they must enter the building to assist younger or disabled children, face masks are required.  Staff will be available to help your child reach their classes.  More information on this process to come.

Parents are welcome to contact tutors by phone.  However, tutors will not be answering their phone or texts during the school day.  Our focus is on our students.

Corporate lunch is outside when outside temps are below Heat index of 95 or above 45 degrees and not raining (Students with documented health issues will be supervised in a classroom).  Lunch will be in classrooms when weather does not permit going outside.

Students must be attending a class before and after lunch to attend the lunch period.

Students are only allowed in TCT areas of the facility.  Students found outside of our halls or classrooms will be disciplined

All high touch areas in classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, stairs, and entry doors will be wiped down at least 4 times a day (between each class period). We will prepare a check list and assign the work that must be signed off.

Use of elevators is off limits for students.  Tutors with supplies can use elevators 1 at a time.

Students will enter and exit through designated doors only.

If a child or staff has been in direct contact of a person infected with Covid 19 you are required to contact a member of the Covid Team.  We will assess the need for self-quarantine from there.

Thank you all for helping us make TCT safe for all.