World History

Studying history is vital to understanding both our past and our present. This course will strive to provide students with a firm foundation in world history from ancient times into the modern period. While we will be using  ABeka’s 10th grade World History and Cultures textbook as a spine, we will also engage with many primary sources and supplemental materials to expand beyond a strictly euro-centric perspective. A geography element will also be included to allow students to develop an awareness of how historical events fit into the physical world. This course will be very discussion based, and I encourage each student to come to class ready to think critically and to examine history from the perspective of a detective seeking truth!

In addition to our core curriculum study, students will be guided in choosing an individual research project based on their own interests by fall break. We will then work together throughout the rest of the year to give them the opportunity to do the work of a real historian – researching and writing.

Note: As we discuss difficult parts of history and attempt to relate historical events to modern dilemmas, the classroom will remain a safe space for learning and exploring for all students. Students will be expected to remain respectful to peers at all times.

Required materials:  ABeka 10th Grade World History and Cultures textbook.

Homework: Weekly readings and assignments totaling about 1.5 hours.


Time: 9:00-10:30
Grade: 9-12
Class Fees: $375
Supply fee:
Brittany Lyles