Chefs in Action A

This yummy 30 week 1 ½ hour class will focus on creating confidence in your student as they navigate in the kitchen. There are so many scientific concepts and methods at work in the kitchen every day.  Understanding basic concepts is the beginning of becoming a really good chef.  Your student will enjoy hands-on cooking experiences from boiling water to creating complete nitrous and delicious meals.  They will become confident in experimenting with the skills they learn in the class. Everyone is going to enjoy the homework for this class as your student will be using the concepts they learned at home.  We will teach the students culinary skills that will help to create and enjoy a wide variety of foods that are both tasty and healthy.  We will cover food preservation, preparation, proper cooking tech, storing and clean up.

As always, we will get to sample our hard work and review procedures for what worked and what did not. In the kitchen we always learn by doing.  Today’s mistake can be next year’s greatest recipe!

If you have already taken cooking with us you are welcome to join us again.  We have a 2-year rotating schedule.  2022-23 was B rotation and this coming year will be the A rotation.  Regardless, in all these class there will be new challenges.

Class Homework requirements: There will often be cooking assignments to repeat what was learned in class and with those assignments there will be personal and parent evaluations to complete.

Please note that the kitchen is a busy and noisy place.  If you have a child with sensory issues you might want to rethink this class.

This class usually runs 5 to 10 min late.  We do our best to finish on time however it is a cooking class.

Please do not sign up for this class if your student needs to regularly leave early.  Our cooking teams really suffer when students leave early because of sports, music, or other appointments.


Time: 10:45 – 12:15
Grade: 4 -12
Class Fees: $395
Supply fee: $145
Tutor: Megan Powell


Time: 2:35 – 4:05
Grade: 4 -12
Class Fees: $395
Supply fee: $145
Tutor: Megan Powell