Physical Science (Apologia’s Exploring Creation)

In this 32 week, 1 ½ hour class, students will be introduced to the stunning world we live in, as well as the universe around it. From the composition of air, to icebergs, to astrophysics, students will receive thorough lessons in each element of the physical worlds

The text, Exploring Creation with Physical Science (2nd edition), discusses such topics as :

  • Measurement and Units so that students can convert between units in scientific study.
  • The structure of the Earth, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Lithosphere so that students can appreciate the wonder of our blue planet.
  • Weather so that students can understand the factors that affect the Earth’s weather and how weather is predicted.
  • An Introduction to Physics to understand the mechanics of motion, forces, and energy.
  • Newton’s Laws and the Forces in Creation to understand friction, static and kinetic energy, gravity, electromagnetic forces, and electrical circuits.
  • Solar System, Stars, and Galaxies to introduce the wonders of our universe.
  • An Introduction to Chemistry for a basic introduction to atoms and molecules.

In class we will conduct many experiments, participate in hands on activities, learn to write lab reports, and discuss the major points from assigned reading.

Throughout their academic school year, your students will conduct controlled experiments where they observe a problem, ask a question, formulate a testable hypothesis, and then conduct the experiment and analyze the data to see if their results support their hypothesis. It involves quantitative data that require measurements. The students will be learning how to write a lab report that describes the process and also what the student learned through the lab

This class is an excellent course for preparing the student to take a college-prep high school science curriculum. Most umbrella schools accept this as a high school science credit. Please check with your umbrella school if you are planning to use it to satisfy a high school science credit.

Please NOTE: Students will need to purchase Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd edition. This textbook is no longer in print. Some copies can be found on used book websites or from other homeschool families. You may “rent” a book for the school year. There is a separate supply fee for those that wish to rent the book for the year.

Class Homework requirements: This class will have weekly homework which will include reading, review questions, tests, study guides and lab reports. Schoology will be used to turn in most assignments. Students should expect to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day preparing for class and working on homework.

Please note: This is a 32-week class.


Time:   9:00-10:30
Grades: 7 – 11
Class Fee: $405
Supply fee: $60 (no textbook provided)  $80 (textbook provided on loan for the year)
TutorAndrea Reese